August Craft Month with Studio Souk

Join Belfast's own Studio Souk for a series of exciting events throughout August Craft Month 2017


Creative Coffee

When: 7pm-9pm 17/08/2017

Where: Bullitt Hotel, Belfast

Price: Adult £18 concession £12 (Advance booking required)

Studio Souk and Bullitt are fusing coffee with creativity to give you an evening of coffee tasting from local roasters (and yummy locally made sweet treats) and also a fun workshop with the talented Belfast artist Timmy White, where you can actually learn to paint with coffee and leave with your very own masterpiece.

So what not’s to love...we know we already have you the only question now is – who is going to win the trophy for best Creative Coffee masterpiece?

Connect with Studio Souk here. For enquiries and to book email or phone 02890 230475.


Water Pistol Painting Workshop

When: 11am-5pm 19/08/2017

Where: 3rd Floor, Studio Souk, Belfast

Price: Free 

Want to be the next Jackson Pollock?

Kids (and Big Kids) we need your help!!! We have a bare white wall that needs some creativity! So come grab your pistols and have some painting fun! 

Paint is water based. Overalls, protective clothing and water pistols are provided.

Connect with Studio Souk here. For enquiries email or phone 02890 230475.



Candle Making and Scent Blending with the Bearded Candle Makers

When: 7pm-9pm 23/08/2017

Where: Studio Souk, Belfast

Price: £45 (Advance booking required)

During the two-hour workshop, Studio Souk's expert chandler, Michael, will guide you through the scent blending and candle making processes. Before you start making, you will have the chance to sample oils and begin to piece together your very own scent.

Michael will be on hand with tips and suggestions to help you blend a gorgeous, well balanced scent. Each person will get to pour their own 200ml soy wax candle, that will have a personalised label.

Connect with Studio Souk here. For enquiries and to book email or phone 02890 230475.

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