Crafts to Survive the Apocalypse Week 

When: 10.30am Start 12/08/2017 – 20/08/2017

Where: Hot Milk Forge, Ballymena

Price: Various (Advance booking required, see website link below for details; various classes/workshops over the week)


For August Craft Month, Hot Milk Forge plan to have a themed week where they'll run a series of classes in skills that would be useful during the Apocalypse (touch wood..). 

Expect Bowmaking and Leather work with Bowcrafty, as well as Bladesmithing and Tool and Arrowhead Making with Hot Milk Forge. With other fun events like Renaissance Fencing planned and tie-ins with a local Bushcraft School, those Zombies don't stand a chance. 

Suitable for ages 16+

For more information on the various activities / prices and for booking, head over to Hot Milk Forge. Enquiries can be made via hotmilkforge@gmail.com.