Felt a 3-D Fish Workshop

When: 10am-4pm 24/08/2017

Where: Bangor Community Hub

Price: £45 (Advance booking required)


In this International Feltmakers Association workshop, you can create a vibrant, three dimensional, fantasy or realistic fish with tutor Mandy Nash. This workshop is suitable for those with some felting experience. Working with bergschaf fleece, which is both strong and easy to felt, students will learn how to make three dimensional resists and also how to use resists to create surface texture.

Each student will need approximately 200g of Bergschaf wool batts in a variety of colours. Felt making equipment required – old towels, bubble wrap, a piece of pipe cladding or swimming noodle, sharp pointed (embroidery) scissors, ordinary scissors, felting needles, sponge, thin plastic (plastic dust sheet plus a thicker one) for making resists, water colour pencil, permanent marker pens, ruler, bar of soap (olive oil or similar), bowl or water bottle, polyester thread, sewing needles, glass beads or marbles, masking tape, scrap paper (such as newspaper), sellotape. Please bring a packed lunch.

Please email to book or for any enquiries.