Keith Sheppard presents Reflections of Nebulae @ the Arts & Disability Forum, Belfast

Launching at 5.30pm on the 3rd of August and running until the 9th of September, Reflections of Nebulae, by Keith Sheppard, is the second exhibition of sculptural forms in glass from the artist


Exploring the relationship between glass and light, and reflecting his observations and interpretation of Nebulae stars within galaxies of the Universe, Keith’s glass art predominantly involves the infusion of metals into the glass.

This process gives each sculptural form a further dimension of uniqueness and identity, enhancing the vibrant colourations.

These processes are transferred into Keith’s interpretation of the stars, depicting their existence and shaping their markings, clouds, and gases from birth in Nebulae to hot blue stars, red super giants and their eventual end in a Supernova explosion.

Advance bookings are only required for tour groups, or for visitors requiring BSL interpretation or audio description. To book any of these services, or for enquiries, please email Children should be accompanied by an adult due to the delicate nature of the work. Keep up to date with the exhibition here.