Landscape Defined @ Framewerk, Belfast

Landscape Defined launches in Belfast's Framewerk Gallery at 2pm on the 26th of August and shows until the 3rd of September

23. Sasha McVey- Little Dip-Wave-Ripple.jpg

Local Makers showcase their work in response to a collective interpretation of ‘Landscape Defined’. Together they represent the current landscape of local craft as bold, diverse and evolving.

These female artists met through their love of contemporary applied art and continue to build upon a network of likeminded creatives, who demonstrate the value of maintaining relationships within the world of craft. This group show considers various definitions of landscape. Due to natural and anthropogenic processes, landscapes vary in structure and function, as does the varied patterns, materials and processes of these individual makers. Together they represent the current landscape of local craft as bold, diverse and evolving. 

The exhibited works pose as conceptual model for this Landscape - Defined by the Artists as a collective. Together they are an ecosystem of makers and ambassadors of a growing creative community. Participating artists: Lynsay-Erin Mercer, Caroline Sheerin, Ashleigh Lisette Collim, Sasha McVey (work pictured above), Rachel Leary, Fiona Shannon, Elaine Mc Cully, Rhiannon Ewing-James, Anna Donovan, Rebekah Patterson, Laura Gillespie, and Laurina Donelly.

There is no booking required for this exhibition, but do keep up to date with Landscape Defined and Framewerk here. For any enquiries about the exhibition, contact e: