ManCraft @ Synergy Studios, Newcastle

Launching 7pm-9pm on the 3rd of August and running until the 27th, ManCraft, showing in Newcastle's Synergy Studios, is an exploration of "craft work for men by men"


Male makers have been invited to submit work for a showcase profiling masculine craft and design, to demonstrate and explore how craft can speak to men and help express male ideas and experiences 

The selection brings a strong and inventive focus on work that is designed to speak to men and to reflect personal journeys for the maker that infuses and drives their creative activity, not only in the techniques and approaches they are exploring, but also the circumstances and paths they are treading as men, sometimes emerging from one life into another, harking back to important cultural references of youth whilst striving to carve out a place in the future.

Makers exhibiting include Andrew Cooke, Richard McCloskey-Wal,l Keith Sheppard, Nick Mack, Antonio D’Sousa, John Kerr, David Keys, Martin McCann, and Eamon McKernon. Work already in the studio will also be showcased including Alan McCluney and Thomas Powell. The launch night will include a blues trio and short talks from male makers including Eamon Higgins.

There is no booking required for this exhibition and you can keep up to date here. For any enquiries, contact