Silk Flower Making Workshop

When: 7pm-10pm 01/08/2017

Where: Derry Print Workshop Studio

Price: £40 (Advance booking required)


To mark August Craft Month this special event is being facilitated by Audrey Doherty Millinery. In this three-hour workshop you will learn traditional silk flower making methods: how to make a flower pattern, prepare your fabric for manipulation, ‘tool’ your petals for 3D effect and assemble them into a realistic looking ‘flower'. 

The art of Silk Flower Making is complimentary to that of Couture Millinery. You may then use your silk flowers to trim hats, wear as a brooch or corsage or make a whole bunch to create a long-lasting elegant centerpiece for your dining table!   

Cost includes paper/light card, stiffening solution, thinner solution and 100% silk fabric. Your Tool Kit: UHU glue, pencil, needle & white or light colored thread, thimble, small fabric scissors.  

Audrey Doherty is formally trained in Couture and Theatrical Millinery and Silk Flower Making and regularly runs Couture Millinery courses in Derry. 

Advance Booking required. These workshops are suitable for ages 14+. For booking details contact Audrey by e-mail via and find out more about her work here.